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We are a global financial technology firm offering liquidity services to the emerging digital currency markets.

What is happening to business?

As technology advances the practical arts, human marketplaces move faster and extend around the world. The market for skilled knowledge work has adapted, as evidenced by new ways of working that have appeared at the margins of the global software industry. Emergent consensus, coordinated via peer-to-peer networks, may be the key operating principle behind the next industrial revolution—but new infrastructure is needed for business to capture the growth.

Business is increasingly digital, rendering geographical distance moot. Today's financial networks are private, non-extensible, and segmented by continent. Bitcoin is a cooperatively-owned financial network operating globally over TCP/IP. It offers transparency, consistent speed, predictable low fees, and high finality at cross-border scale, making it ideal for global business.

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What we do

Our multidisciplinary team builds software and financial services that help businesses use cryptocurrency networks to cut costs, increase speed, reduce mistakes, and automate work in digital businesses.

  • Consumer Software

    • Escher, our consumer brand, provides an easy and relatable experience for Bitcoin users to buy and sell bitcoin, or use it as a payment rail to remit value globally, from their preferred wallet.

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  • Software Developer Tools

    • We build BTC:USD conversion libraries for software developers looking to provide liquidity inside their cryptocurrency software product, without the need for expensive compliance and licensing.

    Liquidity Integrations
  • OTC Trading Services

    • Our licensed cryptocurrency dealer offers secure, white-glove service to businesses and institutions looking to buy or sell Bitcoin wholesale for USD, EUR, HKD, JPY, and other currencies.

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  • Asset Management

    • We own, operate, and finance new and growing Proof-of-Work mining data centers for the Bitcoin and Decred networks, which we use as rails for our liquidity and remittance software services.

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  • Advisory

    • For family offices and institutions, our research team can clarify the drivers behind the cryptocurrency phenomenon. For large businesses, we provide guidance on Bitcoin-as-infrastructure in a “dual OS” reorganization.

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We're on a mission.

To demystify the cryptocurrency asset class for businesses, institutions, and investors.

Through our original research and our software tools, we educate the market on the utility and novelty of Proof-of-Work networks, and how to use them as infrastructure. Then we provide the building blocks to get them started.

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