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We are a global financial technology firm offering liquidity services to the emerging digital currency markets.

What is happening to business?

As technology advances the practical arts, companies move faster, grow larger, and extend around the world. The market for skilled knowledge work has adapted, as evidenced by new ways of working seen at the margins of the global software industry. Emergent consensus is the operating principle behind the next industrial revolution—but new financial infrastructure is needed to support the growth.

How we see things

Commerce is increasingly digital. Today's financial networks were designed for brick-and-mortar commerce in cash, not third-party software development. Bitcoin is a cooperatively-owned, pure-software financial network operating globally over TCP/IP. It offers transparency, consistent speed, predictable low fees, and high finality at cross-border scale. It’s ideal for global business, but a strong ethnography process is required to validate its use.

The challenge

Bitcoin may be a superior settlement network, but new infrastructure needs to be built before it can work as a global financial platform for business and individual use. Isolated as it is, the network is immensely valuable. That value can be captured by the first firm to successfully productize the network for next-generation enterprise use.

What we do

Our multidisciplinary team helps businesses use the Bitcoin network to cut costs, operate globally, move faster, and automate back-office work. Our business areas include:

  • Research & Advisory

    • The Firm generates original research focusing on the secular trends that act as drivers of the cryptocurrency phenomenon, looking for analogical concepts across technical disciplines, and identifying historical precedents that contribute to deeper understanding.

      Institutions enjoy bespoke presentations from Iterative Capital Advisors, which help to place the digital asset industry in a larger economic and technical context.

      The result: learning to anticipate how Bitcoin’s blockchain technology and its design rationale might ultimately affect your organization, or result in new opportunities for it.

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  • Asset Management

    • The Firm owns and operates Proof-of-Work mining operations for the Bitcoin and Decred networks in the US and China. From hardware procurement to setup to custom pool development, our team handles every step of the mining process.

      The focus on Bitcoin is merited by its status as the original “digital gold,” boasting high settlement finality, a long history of continuous operation, and a vibrant developer community.

      The focus on Decred is merited by its innovations in the area of organization design. Similar to Bitcoin in architecture and feature roadmap, Decred has surpassed Bitcoin in project velocity thanks in part to its use of a scalable, trust-minimized contracting and engineering management system.

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  • Software Engineering & Product Development

    • Bitcoin and a complement of altcoin networks can be leveraged to achieve existing and long-standing objectives in business, namely the automation of back office work; the easy scripting of payments and spending policies; and the reduction of the cost of money movement.

      With the addition of the Lightning network to base layer Bitcoin, businesses have the opportunity to grow their own flexible, instant, and secure retail sales infrastructure with little overhead.

      Iterative Capital builds Lighting-compatible tools, products, and services that make it easier for existing digital businesses to move between BTC:USD cheaply, and use Bitcoin as a rail for global e-commerce.

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We're on a mission.

To demystify the cryptocurrency asset class for businesses, institutions, and investors through world-class software services.

Through original research and technology offerings, Iterative Capital can help you learn about the utility and novelty of Proof-of-Work networks, and how to use them as infrastructure in your organization. Better yet, we provide all the building blocks to get your company started, and can help you learn which of Bitcoin and Lightning’s many features you should leverage for your use-case. Come build with us!

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Chris Dannen

Co Founder & General Partner

Chris Dannen is CIO, co-founder, and managing partner at Iterative Capital, the New York-based cryptocurrency investment manager, and CEO of Escher, the Bitcoin liquidity platform. As an ethnographic consultant, Chris documented the inside workings of hundreds of large corporations and early-stage startups. His writing on innovation has appeared in Fast Company, Wired, and MIT Technology Review.

As an independent change-management consultant, he has advised Bloomberg LP, Microsoft, Edelman, Soho House, General Assembly, Atlantic Media, and the Knight Foundation. He developed his consulting practice while on staff at ReD Associates in Copenhagen, and Undercurrent LLC in New York. He later co-founded the iOS development shop Sneakers Agency in Brooklyn, NY in 2013, and began his first small-scale cryptocurrency mining operation in 2014.

Chris is the author and co-author of five books on software development, two focusing on blockchain scripting, and has guest lectured at Stanford GSB and Columbia Graduate School of Business on the drivers of the Bitcoin phenomenon. He graduated from the University of Virginia and lives in Manhattan, NY.


Brandon Buchanan

Co Founder & General Partner

Brandon Buchanan is COO, co-founder and managing partner at Iterative Capital, the New York-based cryptocurrency investment manager, and COO and Chief Compliance Officer of Escher, the Bitcoin liquidity platform.

Prior to founding Iterative Capital, Brandon was the Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel at Metamorphic Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund in New York, where he oversaw fund operations and was a member of the deal team. Before Metamorphic, Brandon was a Corporate Associate at Gunderson Dettmer, where he served as counsel to dozens of venture-backed startups, incubators and venture capital funds, advising on company formation, corporate governance, fund formation and venture financings.

Brandon began his career as an M&A investment banker at Credit Suisse, where he worked on deals ranging from Healthcare M&A to TMT and rotated through the "Takeover Defense" team. He received a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Brown University and a J.D. from Harvard Law School.