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Bitcoin development is more robust than ever

In a market environment like the current one, sentiments are easily kidnapped by articles like this:

After the Bitcoin boom: hard lessons for cryptocurrency investors
(NYT, by Nathaniel Popper and Su-Hyun Lee)

"But this bust could have a more lasting impact on the technology’s adoption because of the sheer number of ordinary people who invested in digital tokens over the last year, and who are likely to associate cryptocurrencies with financial ruin for a very long time."

Yet despite constant bad news about cryptocurrency prices belies the work being done on Bitcoin. Between Bitcoin Core 0.16 release (February 2018) and now, there have been on average 6.3 non-merge commits/day, 3.8 pull requests merged per day (a measure of code changes); plus 67 new contributors. The pace of development is showing no sign of slowing down, making it clear that the velocity of the best cryptocurrency project isn't correlated to the whims of speculators.

(Data source: BitDevs NYC)

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #9

"Allocate time to test Bitcoin Core 0.17 release candidates: in the coming days, Bitcoin Core will begin releasing Release Candidates (RCs) for version 0.17.0. Organizations and individual users planning to use 0.17 are encouraged to test the RCs to ensure that they contain all the features you need and don’t have any bugs that would affect your operation. There are often multiple RCs for a major release such as this, but each RC can theoretically be the last RC, so we encourage you to test as early as possible."

Technical Updates

London Bitcoin devs- meetup

Why you can't shortcut trust
(Jimmy Song)

"Many moneys are digital (US Dollar, World of Warcraft gold, Linden Dollars), but no digital money until Bitcoin was actually decentralized. Likewise, many moneys are decentralized (gold, silver, salt), but until Bitcoin, none was actually digital. Decentralization is actually what give Bitcoin its value and digitization is what gives Bitcoin its convenience."

Bakkt is showing a crypto future for consumers
(Michael K.Spencer)

"We know Bakkt will leverage a secure, regulated warehouse solution improving upon existing futures and crypto exchanges which allow for margin, leverage and cash settlement. How we invest in digital assets will also become far more seamless post 2020."

Ethereum Q&A: the legality of smart contracts

New updated z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU miner with better hashrate
(Crypto Mining Blog)

"The new z-enemy 1.17 has a major hashrate boost of 5-10% for X16R & X16S, XDNA (HEX), x17, Bitcore (BTX), c11, Sonoa, Renesis and Aergo. Lower-end Nvidia video cards like the GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 should also see a few additional percents of improvement in performance as well. Also note that the latest miner no longer depends on memory, so it allows to run memory clock at +0 or -500 MHz without performance loss."

Measuring up 7nm IP
(SemiWiki, by Daniel Nenni)

"This IP implements the physical channel between an ASIC and HBM2 memory stacks. It’s available for a variety of technologies and foundries. The use of this IP to implement 2.5D designs with integrated HBM2 memory stacks on a silicon interposer is also discussed. eSilicon’s line of content-addressable memories are also reviewed in some detail, including application scenarios and performance comparisons with other vendors."

News & Commentary

(Hackernoon, by Suraz)

"Why go such lengths for just a crypto coin? Facebook wants your identity to drive its growth. Identity wars are about to come to Silicon Valley. Online Privacy concerns that we have soon thus far in 2018 are just the tip of the iceberg that slowly drifting in our direction. GDPR was implemented in May 2018. There will be more activism in the realm of privacy than we have seen until now. More data breach scandals & more demands from users to take back control of their online identity."

Why Bitcoin is a Storage of Value first with Murad ~ Read Rothbard, use Bitcoin

Bayes and the Boreen
(Epsilon Theory, by Rusty Guinn)

"Thoughtful investors continue to examine the features of markets they come to think of as permanent and immutable. They continue to think about the states of the world that may be embedded in their inferences. They are relentless in questioning how their personal experiences may be influencing the questions they ask, and the experiments they set up to answer them."


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