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Digital Currency Group acquires a stake in Silvergate Bank


Digital Currency Group invests in crypto-friendly Silvergate Bank
(CoinDesk, by Wolfie Zhao)

"According to an announcement from Silvergate, the firm said Monday that it sold 9.5 million shares through a private placement generating $114 million in total - funds that will be used to further support the bank's fintech deposit initiatives."

SegWit usage on Bitcoin network is at all-time-high


Telegram ICO: what we know (and don't know) about 2018's biggest token sale
(CoinDesk, by Brady Dale)

"Finally, Telegram has apparently offered investors some kind of refund provision if it fails to deliver the TON platform by the end of October 2019, Business Insider reported."

The many deceptions behind a dictator's “cryptocurrency”
(Steemit, by Alemacgo)

"As of today, a week later, there still isn't a way to set up a wallet. No way to buy tokens. Heck, I was able to confirm that the government hasn't even developed any smart contracts or issued any tokens yet!"

What the Silvergate deal says about Bitcoin "fundamentals"

Implied probabilities for the Fed Funds rate in 2018


Scalable private learning with PATE
(By Nicolas Papernot, Shuang Song, Ilya Mironov, Ananth Raghunathan, Kunal Talwar, Úlfar Erlingsson)

"The rapid adoption of machine learning has increased concerns about the privacy implications of machine learning models trained on sensitive data, such as medical records or other personal information. To address those concerns, one promising approach is Private Aggregation of Teacher Ensembles, or PATE, which transfers to a 'student' model the knowledge of an ensemble of 'teacher' models, with intuitive privacy provided by training teachers on disjoint data and strong privacy guaranteed by noisy aggregation of teachers' answers."

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