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Ethereum developers poised to pay a price for its fast-moving technical culture

Editor's note

The original promise of Ethereum was to create a decentralized platform for unstoppable smart contracts. Its virtual machine ambitiously touted as its main language Solidity, which in 2016 was lambasted by a Cornell researcher as a language which was "introducing security flaws into contracts that were not only missed by the community, but missed by the designers of the language themselves."

This week, research done by a group of computer scientists discovered security flaws in 34,200 smart contracts currently live on the Ethereum network.

This week's news recap

Monday: Why technology entrepreneurs are fascinated with decentralization right now
Tuesday: Bitfinex and Coinbase announce SegWit support
Wednesday: SEC flies into action over 6,000 BTC theft, charges exchange with securities fraud
Thursday: Researchers discover 34,200 buggy ETH contracts; over $6 million USD up for grabs
Friday: Almost half of last year's ICOs are already dead

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