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How can volunteer-built software compete with for-profit business?

The notion that Bitcoin is infrastructure for a nascent market of volunteer-built software services is original to the Iterative Capital investment thesis, but how does this future look in practice? Exhibit A: Sourcecred, a project by Protocol Labs that uses a modified PageRank algorithm to rank and score contributions to a given open source project, and to dole out payments accordingly to the contributors. Read more below.

Sourcecred Vision
"SourceCred aims to empower open-source developers and communities by creating a project-specific reputation metric called cred.

A project’s contributors earn cred for helping out. For example, a project might reward:

Triaging issues
Maintaining the build
Fixing bugs
Writing documentation
Refactoring code
Adding features

SourceCred will build social capital within communities, recognize their hardworking contributors, and encourage more people to help maintain and develop open-source projects."

Racing Against China, U.S. Reveals Details of $500 Million Supercomputer
"The supercomputer, called Aurora, is a retooling of a development effort first announced in 2015 and is scheduled to be delivered to the Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago in 2021. Lab officials predict it will be the first American machine to reach a milestone called “exascale” performance, surpassing a quintillion calculations per second. That’s roughly seven times the speed rating of the most powerful system built to date, or 1,000 times faster than the first “petascale” systems that began arriving in 2008."

Admiring the Problem
"Because admiring the unsolvable problem is one of the missionary’s most powerful tools. This isn’t rocket science. The oldest game in sales (ok, maybe the second oldest) is to find your customer’s biggest problem and tell them that you have a solution. This is a good business when that problem has a solution, but it’s a great business when it doesn’t."

XRP Sentiment Manipulated by Thousands of Bots, Analyst Claims
"Now, a few reports from independent researchers have concluded that there are thousands of phony accounts or bots on social media being used to manipulate XRP sentiment. In fact, Geoff Golberg has spent a lot of time studying XRP-related bots and phony accounts on Twitter and first revealed his findings last year."

Chart of Countries with Highest Inflation

Current Hashrate is 4x Greater

Square Crypto

Explaining BOLTs

Reverse Submarine Swaps

Possible Fork War

Infura API

ProgPoW is Ethereum's New York Agreement

Ethereum EIP

Fed Still Thinks We Need Stimulus

Announcing Lightning Loop Alpha: An Easier Way to Receive on Lightning
"Lightning channels are like tubes of money: the more you send the more you can receive, and the other way around. Money moves around in the tube, but the total amount of funds remains constant. So, unlike other payment systems, Lightning requires “inbound capacity” in order to receive funds. This initial release focuses on on the ability for people to receive with what we call Loop Out. Lightning Loop Out allows users to increase their receiving capacity by offloading their funds from the network while keeping channels open."

Answer to POS Validator Communication Issue

Research: Margin trading features found on Binance API.

Research: Margin trading features found on Binance API. from r/CryptoCurrency


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