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Ripple tried to bribe its way onto Coinbase, reports Bloomberg

News & Commentary

Ripple has tried to buy its way onto major exchanges for cryptocurrency
(Bloomberg, by Annie Massa, Lily Katz, and Matthew Leising)

The news report directly contradicts a persistent Twitter-rumor that XRP would indeed be listed at these exchanges:

Commentary on Ripple and securities law:

Reddit discussion on the Ripple article

Commentary from the legion of Ripple Twitter bots:

It is not uncommon for tokens to pay to get listed on exchanges. However, major U.S. exchanges tend to be more conservative in light of the SEC's statement that crypto exchanges must register as Alternative Trading Systems.

Technical & Updates

Is the war against ASICs worth fighting?
(Derek Hsue)

"Changing the proof of work algorithm often comes with costs and is a never ending game of cat and mouse. Developers can obviate this game by focusing on the creation of a fair and sustainable environment for ASIC production and development."

History of Lightning: from brainstorm to beta
(Bitcoin Magazine, by Aaron van Wirdum)

"The key innovation described in the white paper are 'Poon-Dryja channels'. Like earlier payment channel designs, Poon-Dryja channels depend on the exchange of partially signed and non-broadcasted transactions."

What the Founding Father's money problems can teach us about Bitcoin
(, by Clive Thompson, illustration by Kotryna Zukauskaite)

"War is what first pushed the Colonies to print en masse. Massachusetts sold notes to the public to fund its battles in Canada in 1690, promising that citizens could later use that money to pay their taxes. Congress followed suit by printing fully $200 million in 'Continental' dollars to fund its expensive revolution against Britain. Soon, though, disaster loomed: As Congress printed more and more bills, it triggered catastrophic inflation."

Motherboard maker confirms plan to sell crypto miners
(CoinDesk, by Nikhilesh De)

"The move signals that ASRock - which released a mining-specific motherboard back in 2013 - is looking to capitalize on the demand for GPUs by miners, who use the tech in the energy-intensive mining process. That demand has led to companies like AMD and Nvidia to see growing sales (though both firms have said that cryptocurrency miners only form a small part of their customer base)."

Bitcoin Q&A: Bitcoin as everyday currency

YBF Ventures partners with the Decred Project to build a decentralized internet
(BTC Manager, by Cindy Huynh)

"Decred officially launched in February 2016. Unlike other altcoin projects, the focus is around community input and open governance. Decred ensures that a small number of people cannot dominate the network by using a hybrid Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake model."

Bitcoin Core dev comments on the impact of PoW change to miners

You can't clean up a data spill
(Slate, by April Glaser)

"European data protections go into effect in May, which will require internet companies to ensure that users are able to consent to the data that’s being collected about them and that companies are clear about how that data is used."


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