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Traditional VCs will be bagholders in Telegram's mega ICO

Telegram is hosting a fast and loose ICO promising huge returns. But pre-sale investors have already started to flip the token in the presale. Venture dollars mad with FOMO could make it into a perfect storm.


Secretive messaging app Telegram is selling a $2 billion crypto dream — but skeptics smell a 'ploy'
(CNBC, by Ari Levy)

"'It was an absurd valuation for something that's effectively field stage,' said Bogart. He said the pitch is having more success with traditional venture firms who've missed out on crypto to date — particularly bitcoin, ethereum and companies like Coinbase — and are feeling the pressure to get in on on the craze."

FREAKING OUT. Coinbase drained my bank account. Took 5x the amount I authorized from debit. I am now broke, cannot afford rent, food, gas, bills.

"So I spent $300 on some bitcoin, ether, and litecoin purchases on Feb 9th. I was charged $300 across the 3 transactions. Then days later, each of those transactions was repeated 5x as Withdrawal transactions instead of POS. I CAN NO LONGER STAY CALM."

CFTC issues first Pump-and-Dump virtual currency customer protection advisory
(CFTC Press Release)

"The CFTC has received complaints from customers who have lost money to pump-and-dump schemes, and the CFTC maintains general anti-fraud and manipulation enforcement authority over virtual currency cash markets as a commodity in interstate commerce."

Need a post on about your ICO? $500, please
(TechCrunch, by John Biggs)

"What’s going on here? The scammer I spoke to is posting to, a free service created in 2011 by a Harvard professor that lets anyone create a WordPress blog."


Who can recover stuck funds on Ethereum?
(Medium, by Yoichi Hirai)

"After some sleepless hours, I wondered why I was reading the law as an EIP editor, so I resigned. After a calm day, the words look like a question. Just reversing: what would a lawful process with due authorization look like?"

Making a case for JavaScript, in-browser mining
(Bèr Kessels)

"I'm not running anything on your computer. I'm not selling your data to trackers or ad-networks. I'm offering you a choice to donate to me. Had I ran ads, I would be selling the privacy of you, my visitors, without your consent, to large companies that live of gathering (stealing) and mining that data. Which is far worse."


Decentralized cloud architectures: from a security perspective
(Medium, by Fran Villalba Segarra)

"Cloud components which are centralized, often increase the risk of catastrophic failure in the event of a zero-day virus. Decentralized components offer compartmentalization of risk."

An in-depth look at in-browser miner


Cardano releases Weekly Technical Report, with focuses on Block Syncing, Refactoring, and Documentation. Github

Storj is now relisted on Changelly. Twitter

Particl publishes a list of features they are the first cryptocurrency to implement. Twitter

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